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Montenegro Imaging Center

Get to know each Team

Welcome to the Montenegro Imaging Center! Click down below to learn about each center!

We are a veterinary medicine company dedicated do advanced imagiology, so far we do Computerized Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), with our headquarters in Oporto, Portugal.

We started our activity in 2011, and over the years we have seen a growing necessity for more accurate and precise diagnostics in veterinary medicine, where a lot of the times it is only possible when we resort do advanced imagiology. So we started our activity with CT scan exams. In 2015 we started MRI after buying an MRI machine for veterinary, this way we enhanced our ability do diagnose diseases in animals, more specifically neurology pathologies.

In 2019 we opened two new centers outside of the Oporto area, the Centro de Imagem Montenegro Zona Centro, in partnership with the Hospital Veterinário de Aveiro, in the Aveiro area, and later the Centro de Imagem Montenegro Alma Veterinária, with a new partenership with the Hospital Alma Veterinária, located in Cacém. The exams are performed in each center and then the interpretation and diagnostics of this exams are done by Centro de Imagem Montenegro in Oporto now named Centro de Imagem Montenegro Zona Norte.

On 2022, we associated with Hospital Veterinário do Baixo Alentejo, begining the Centro de Imagem Montenegro Baixo Alentejo (in Beja), and more recently, in 2024 with the Centro Veterinário de Loulé, we opened the Centro de Imagem Montenegro Algarve (in Loulé)

The imaging centers outside of Oporto have a CT equipment with teams prepared to perform the daily exams. The diagnostic interpretation is done in Centro de Imagem Montenegro – Zona Norte.

You can get to know each center better by clicking in the images below:

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